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It’s the Little Things

December 30, 2011

mapmyfitnessToday I did my first workout using Map My Fitness.  Map My Fitness is an app that I downloaded to my phone (for free) that keeps track of my workout while I am running or cycling or whatever.  It kept track of my distance, speed, time and route.  I can even see the elevation changes that occurred.  It’s very cool.  When i was done I just hit the stop button, saved my workout and even posted an update to my Twitter account.

I had to laugh at myself while I was running though because the workout I did was not much different from many I’ve done in the past.  I ran up and down our street, my pace was average, there really was nothing new or exciting.  Except this little gadget on my phone giving me all sorts of information.  I almost couldn’t stop looking at it.  Even though I knew approximately how far I’d run or how long I’d been going, it was exciting to look on the screen and see real time data.mapmyfitness2

My fascination was funny to me, it’s not like I’ve never seen GPS or a timer before.  I knew all these things existed – had even used them in the past.  But here I was, riveted.  My hope is that I will keep up the excitement and turn it in to a challenge to go faster and farther.

If you are also a member of Map My Fitness look me up – my username is 3athlete_nc.  Happy Mapping!

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